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PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 4:10 am 
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This is like a Ghetto clearance tourism version of Funnyjunk, if you don't know what funnyjunk is then forget it cause they don't need anymore viewers frankly (^o^)

come join us at least you can say you were there at the start when we needed the employees

What we've learned

Well we discovered very large Alien experiment Artifacts with butt cheeks in Scotland in the Scottish Island Highlands


Serbia robberies are still a thing / Giant boner's in fields are still popular / Han-Solos bar from Starwars will never close

We discovered Uganda waits for no publicity

In Uganda there is plenty of optimism in high supply, FYi; saying optimism in Chinese Mandarin sounds like potato (true story)
Don't ask me why i know this, i just do.
Alright click this button to hear potato then (^o^) ---> potato button

We discovered that in Belfast or Ireland in General that it's difficult to know what's actually happening

In South Africa lifes awesome if your never paying attention

In South Africa, life sucks if your always paying attention

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