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PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:03 am 
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We use a stripped streamlined PhpBB forum so some code is easier inserting manually than using our interface, see the code below
Create a text link
[url=]This be arghhhh![/url]

Creat an image link

Our help section is just that, help! we summarize a brief description summary here of Funnystash with help Links below to navigate easily to different sections of our website

Whereaboots or Whereabouts is a sort of request area
Is a section of our website where there's no need for mass content, text is just fine and you can request many locations or perhaps you were trying to locate locations and were unable to obtain it but have a brief idea of what it is and where it is, then create a stash in our whereabouts of say for talking sake, The Antartica Pyramids and where you believe the GPS location is and our stashers will fill your stash with rainbow smiles

Upload section - Is for refining
Our Upload section is mainly for our registered stashers, we throw our Stashes that we were unable to finish or perhaps our Stasher was unable to get a definitive completion and our entire website decends upon the Upload section and fills in the gaps and razz ma Tazzes it for the main Stash Catalog gallery. Their content will be added to the original stashes however with a link to their post first so you need to launch from the link on their post post666.html#p666 instead of Externalwebsite.html so our stashers get rewarded and highlighted for upgrading your Stash

Stash Section - Is for Review
Our Stash section is where our users submit their stashes for review the more pleasing to the eye it originally appears and refined it is the easier it us for us to accept it as completed and move your Stash to our Main sections, by copying how we do our Stashes complete with a Title how it looks in the section indicates where you would like it placed. Don't worry if you suck using image editors and are unable to properly make a Stash we will do minor adjustments to prime it for our Main section and if it lacks content we'll move it to our Upload section which indicates to our Stashers to improve The Stash

Locating GPS

You can pluck the GPS of your zoomed in location from the address browser top bar, GPS is an old school axis algorithm that is universal not exclusive to Google, so we recommend adding GPS when stashing when and if possible, so if something goes wrong our stashers can easily correct it and find your locations while drinking beer and eating pizza
You can always test if you have the correct GPS by placing it into a Google Map search, GPS co-ordinates makes our jobs easier so we show your stash more respect, if anything happens to your Stash it's easy peazy for us to locate it

See below for further places of interest

Navigating Shortcuts

How to create a Funnystash

Click our Pictures for Map Locations, entertaining fast VR link Directions
For VR Fast Links & VR Quick Links

Panorama 360 Link addresses, Link Directions, Find VR Locations

Help us out and hit our Like buttons ˚◡˚


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